The word "Empathy" amid multi-colored spirals.

First-Year Students Flex Their Empathy Muscles

What makes us human? What connects each of us despite our different backgrounds, interests and aspirations? Caroline Wolinsky challenges our notions of what empathy means in her Explorations course.
Jonathan Wood Rosen

Returning in Summer II Session

Tufts Alum and Visiting Lecturer Jonathan Rosen teaches Behind the Reporter’s Notebook: The Practice of Global Journalism in the 21st Century.
Woman wearing facemask.

The Great Pivot of Spring 2020

Now with a little distance from the end of spring classes, we wanted to reflect on the phenomenal way that everyone connected to the ExCollege rose to the challenge posed by the pandemic and the rapid transition to online learning.
Group photo of 24 students with two trays of food.

An Insider's Guide to the World of Food Media

Everyone’s talking about The Great British Bake Off, Antoni from Queer Eye visited Tufts, and food blogs for all kinds of specialized diets fill Instagram feeds... In recent years, food-related content has taken off to become a dominant force in media.