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Spring 2024

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ExCollege Signature Courses - Taught by Visiting Lecturers 


EXP-0001-S "Smart" Cities: Examining Tech in the Built Environment

Instructor: Emmett McKinney


EXP-0002-S Photojournalism: Then and Now

Instructor: Tessa Hite


EXP-0003-S Black Mirrors and Dark Psychology: The Adverse Effects of AI on the Mind

Instructor: Meia Chita-Tegmark


EXP-0004-S What Goes Into Game Design?: A Toolbox of Techniques

Instructor: Richard (Rick) Freedman


EXP-0005-S Queer Nationhood: Art, Performance, and The Body

Instructor: Manjari Mukherjee


EXP-0006-S Careers for Writers in the Tech Sector: From UX to Marketing and More

Instructor: Rita Reznikova


EXP-0007-S The Right to Privacy in Modern America

Instructors: Steve Sharobem and Doug Martland


EXP-0008-S Mixed Messages: Multiethnic and Multiracial Identity in the 21st Century U.S.

Instructors: Jasmine A. Ramón and Harpreet Singh


EXP-0009-S Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Instructor: Frank Massaro


EXP-0010-S Code-Meshing, Multilingualism, and Language Justice    

Instructor: Daven McQueen


EXP-0011-S Mass Hysteria in Popular Culture

Instructor: Omid Bagherli


EXP-0012-S Picture the Witch

Instructor: Megan Hyde


EXP-0013-S Pain

Instructor: Dr. Erica J. Bial


EXP-0014-S Famous Trials in U.S. History

Instructor: Ian C. Pilarczyk


EXP-0015-S An Insider's Guide to the World of Food Media

Instructor: Denise Drower Swidey


EXP-0020-S Stories in the Night Sky

Instructor: Carie Cardamone


EXP-0021-S Banned Books, Censored Speech & American Libraries 

Instructor: Jennifer S. Ferguson


Peer Taught Courses


EXP-0051-S The Artistic Evolution of Donald Glover

Instructor: Jack Durvasula


EXP-0052-S Plants and People: Braiding Sweetgrass

Instructor: Laura Harvey


EXP-0053-S American Politics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Instructor: Reya Kumar


EXP-0054-S From Street Vendors to Vogue: the Role of Henna in South Asian Cultures

Instructors: Neelam Jivani and Sabah Lokhandwala


EXP-0055-S Zoroastrianism: From Ancient Times to Modern Impact

Instructor: Grace Rotermund


EXP-0056-S Trans Temporalities

Instructor: Noah Gibbons-Shapiro


EXP-0057-S The Labyrinth in Literature and Film

Instructors: Adam Krasnoff and Gregory Saccone


EXP-0058-S Maternal Health in America: The Epidemic of Maternal Mortality 

Instructor: Lily Snape


EXP-0059-S Korea: From Hermit Kingdom to Asian Tiger

Instructor: John Cho


Sponsored Courses - The ExCollege collaborates with other Tufts programs to offer courses and independent learning opportunities


EXP-0063-S Sustainable Spring

Instructor: Ann Ward


EXP-0065-S Thesis Workshop

Instructor: Hannah Herndon


EXP-0067-S Financial Literacy: Understanding Personal Finances

Instructor: Christopher R. Di Fronzo


EXP-0068-S Designing Your Career Journey

Instructor: Sheryl Rosenberg


EXP-0107-S Tufts with Rwanda Fellowship

Instructor: Lauren Bloom


EXP-0101-S: Peer Teaching

Instructor: Courtney McDermott


EXP-0103-S: Theory and Practice of Participatory Education

Instructor: Amy Goldstein 


EXP-0104-S: Teaching Assistant Workshop

Instructor: Amy Goldstein 


EXP-0105: Independent Study 

Instructor: Amy Goldstein 


EXP-0106-F: Auditing for Breadth 

Instructor: Julie Krzanowski 


EXP-0112-S: Publishing The Tufts Daily

Instructor: Courtney McDermott