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Spring 2023

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ExCollege Signature Courses – Taught by Visiting Lecturers

EXP-0001-S: Video Games as Visual Culture

Instructor: Sophia Day


EXP-0002-S: Power on the Plate: Food and Inequity in America

Instructor: Jessie Thuma


EXP-0003-S: The Universe: Illuminated by Women

Instructor: Lynn Carlson 


EXP-0004-S: Summer Camp & Youth Development 

Instructor: Taylor Levesque 


EXP-0005-S: Ghosts in Literature, Culture & Society

Instructor: Brett Donohoe


EXP-0006-S: Education Nonprofits: For the Public Good?

Instructor: Abbie Cohen 


EXP-0007-S: The Right to Privacy in Modern America

Instructors: Steve Sharobem and Doug Martland 


EXP-0008-S: Mixed Messages: Multiethnic and Multiracial Identity in the 21st Century U.S.

Instructor: Jasmine A. Ramón 


EXP-0009-S: Pharmacology and Therapeutics 

Instructor: Frank Massaro 


EXP-0010-S: Introduction to Global Comic Studies

Instructor: Alexander Hill 


EXP-0011-S: Living with Purpose

Instructor: Tiffany House 


EXP-0012-S: The Art of Live Storytelling

Instructor: Javed Rezayee 


EXP-0013-S: Utopia and the City

Instructor: Hannah Kaemmer 


EXP-0014-S: Politics of Emotion: Guilt, Anger & Morality 

Instructor: Magnus Ferguson 


EXP-0015-S: An Insider's Guide to the World of Food Media

Instructor: Denise Drower Swidey 


EXP-0024-S: The Right to Abortion: Where Did It Come From? Where Did It Go? Can We Get It Back?

Instructor: Sarah Lee Day 


Peer-Taught Courses - Designed and taught by Tufts undergraduates 

EXP-0051-S: On Disability Theory

Instructor: Al Bolton 


EXP-0052-S: DEI In Video Game Representation

Instructor: Andres Antonio 


EXP-0053-S: Queer and Trans Carceralities

Instructor: Anthony Davis-Pait 


EXP-0054-S: Fatphobia & the Body Positivity Movement 

Instructor: Athena Nair


EXP-0055-S: Telenovelas: Identity, Culture, and Media 

Instructors: Eden Simko and Meagan Matt


EXP-0056-S: Unfair Housing

Instructor: Ibrahim AlMuasher


EXP-0057-S: The Kardashians: Queens of American Culture

Instructor: Ryan Syblis

Sponsored Courses - The ExCollege collaborates with other Tufts programs to offer courses and independent learning opportunities


EXP-0066-S: Visions of Peace in Israel/Palestine

Instructors: Dylan Mehta and Seif Zrelli 


EXP-0067-S: Financial Literacy: Understanding Personal Finances

Instructor: Christopher R. Di Fronzo


EXP-0068-S: Designing Your Career Journey

Instructor: Sheryl Rosenberg 


EXP-0078-S: Inquiry - Power and Prejudice: Race and International Relations

Instructor: Heather Barry 


EXP-0079-S: EPIIC - Power and Prejudice: Race and International Relations

Instructor: Abi Williams 


EXP-0101-S: Peer Teaching

Instructor: Justin Jimenez 


EXP-0103-S: Theory and Practice of Participatory Education

Instructor: Justin Jimenez


EXP-0104-S: Teaching Assistant Workshop

Instructor: Amy Goldstein 


EXP-0105: Independent Study 

Instructor: Amy Goldstein 


EXP-0106-F: Auditing for Breadth 

Instructor: Julie Krzanowski 


EXP-0107-S: Tufts with Rwanda Fellowship

Instructor: Lauren Bloom 


EXP-0112-S: Publishing The Tufts Daily

Instructor: Howard Woolf