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Fall 2023

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ExCollege Signature Courses - Taught by Visiting Lecturers 


EXP-0001-F Detective Fiction: A Global Perspective

Instructor: Quillon Arkenstone


EXP-0002-F Innocence and Systemic Racism in the American Criminal Legal System

Instructor: David Lewis 


EXP-0003-F Inside the Publishing Industry

Instructor: Nicole-Anne Keyton 


EXP-0004-F Global Health: A Practitioner's Approach to Real-World Problems

Instructors: Jennifer Goldsmith and Anatole Manzi


EXP-0005-F Confronting Climate Change: Leadership & Problem-Solving 

Instructors: Brandon Leshchinskiy and Zdenka Myslikova


EXP-0006-F Games, Film, and Existential Escapism 

Instructor: Cliff Notez 


EXP-0007-F Let’s Talk about Sex: The Classroom and Beyond

Instructor: Jeanna Kinnebrew 


EXP-0008-F Humanism for Everyday Life

Instructor: Anthony Cruz Pantojas


EXP-0009-F Law and Social Control

Instructor: Sarah Lee Day


EXP-0010-F Revolutionary Medicine and Public Health

Instructor: Leanne Loo


EXP-0011-F The Monsters That Make Us 

Instructor: Paul Driskill


EXP-0012-F Notes for the End of the World

Instructor: Emily Palermo


EXP-0014-F Judaism and Queerness

Instructor: Eli Lurie Sobel


EXP-0015-F My Eyes Are Up Here: Nudity and Sexuality in the Arts

Instructor: Cicek Tascioglu Beeby


EXP-0016-F Ancient Stories, Modern Media: Representing History 

Instructor: Mikayla Barreiro


EXP-0017-F: Who Wrote This? ChatGPT, LLMs, and the Future of Learning

Instructor: Gregory Marton


EXP-0018-F Investing, Psychology, and Human Behavior 

Instructor: Douglas A. Rachlin

Sponsored Courses - The ExCollege collaborates with other Tufts programs to offer courses and independent learning opportunities


EXP-0019-F Reimagining the Library

Instructor: Kristina Bush


EXP-0068-F Designing Your Career Journey 

Instructor: Sheryl Rosenberg 


EXP-0070-F NEXT: The Tufts First Year Experience

Instructor: Katie Swimm 


EXP-0080-F Writing Fellows Seminar 

Instructor: Hannah Herndon 


EXP-0100-F Leading a First Year Seminar 

Instructor: Amy Goldstein


EXP-0102-F Teaching Practicum 

Instructor: Amy Goldstein


EXP-0104-F Teaching Assistantship 

Instructor: Margaret Warren


EXP-0105-AF/BF Independent Study 

Instructor: Amy Goldstein 


EXP-0106-F Auditing for Breadth 

Instructor: Julie Krzanowski 


EXP-0112-F Publishing The Tufts Daily

Instructor: Amy Goldstein