The ExCollege offers small, participation-based courses that engage Tufts undergraduates in ideas shaping the world today. The Experimental College is dedicated to innovation and collaborative learning and teaching. Students are exposed to subjects and teachers beyond traditional classrooms and discover possibilities they never could have imagined.

How do we do this? By bridging the academy with the world of work, and including students in all aspects of our governance. Our faculty come from a range of professions and teach with passion. Students participate by designing, selecting and teaching our courses. At the ExCollege, they learn the value of interdisciplinary education, engaged leadership, and active citizenship.

Our range of courses offer critical contexts for thinking about politics, popular culture, world religions, technology, law, communications, social issues, business, healthcare, ethics and more.

Exciting...Exhilarating...Experiential...the ExCollege offers the chance to learn, to teach, and to incubate new ideas.

Amy Meyer

The ExCollege gave me the rare opportunity to design a course not typically offered to undergraduates. I had the freedom to craft my own interdisciplinary syllabus, and the time to dive deeply in discussion with students. Tufts students are curious, thoughtful, and engaged. Students' feedback throughout my time with the ExCollege helped shape future versions of the course, and strengthened my skills as a teacher.

Amy Meyer, Instructor for Circus and Society