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Experimental College


People - The Board

In addition to the four ExCollege staff members, the Experimental College Board is comprised of five faculty, six undergraduate students, and one graduate student. The Board selects new courses each semester, plans campus events, and develops new initiatives.

2020-2021 ExCollege Board

Steve Cohen – Education  
Khary Jones – Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies and FMS
Cathy Stanton – Anthropology
Phil Starks – Biology
Jennifer Stephan – School of Engineering

Undergraduate Student Reps:
Julie Chotivatanapong (Class of 2021)
Stelio Louka (Class of 2021)
Christopher Panella (Class of 2021)
Lauren Soherr (Class of 2023)
Saherish Surani (Class of 2021)
Erin Yilmaz (Class of 2022)