board members sitting at a wooden table

In addition to the five ExCollege staff members, the Experimental College Board is comprised of five faculty and six undergraduate students. The Board selects new courses each semester, plans campus events, and develops new initiatives.

2023-2024 ExCollege Board


JP Pizzuti – Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies 

Hugo Beauchemin – Physics and Astronomy

Amy Millay - Romance Studies

Deborah Schildkraut - Political Science

Kristen Wendell - Mechanical Engineering


Undergraduate Student Reps:

Ryan Syblis - Class of 2024

Megan Amero - Class of 2024

Ty Blitstein - Class of 2024 

Caroline Vandis - Class of 2024

Mihir Sharma - Class of 2026

Carly Rothschild - Class of 2026