Teach at Tufts

student with a carabiner clip teaching peers

Why Teach at the Experimental College?

The ExCollege provides teaching opportunities for Boston-area professionals and graduate students who have expertise in their field and a passion for teaching. 

Each semester, we look for new, innovative courses that spark interest across disciplines. Our Visiting Lecturers frequently comment on how smart and creative their ExCollege students are, and how energizing it is to be part of a small learning community exploring new issues and connections together.

After a careful review of applications and interviews with both students and faculty, the ExCollege Board selects approximately fifteen courses for the following semester.

Learn more about our Visiting Lecturer opportunities and how to apply.

Peer Teaching

The ExCollege also provides Tufts undergraduates a chance to design and teach their own course. Peer teachers consistently say that teaching is one of the best experiences in their years at Tufts. Learn more about these opportunities:

Apply for Peer Teaching Frequently Asked Questions

Erica Tooch

In my time teaching at the ExCollege, I was struck by how open and curious the students were. No matter what their specific major or course of study is, each student in the ExCollege dives into the material with excitement and a willingness to engage with totally new material from their own perspective. These students are driven and looking for a challenge, and the result is very rewarding.

Erica Tooch