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Experimental College

Current Courses

Current courses

Fall 2019

Course Course Title Instructor
ExCollege Signature Courses – Taught by Visiting Lecturers
EXP-0001-F 9/11 in Words and Images John Giordano
EXP-0002-F #outfitoftheday: Clothing, Sustainability, and the Global Implications of Getting Dressed Ariel Kraten
EXP-0003-F Accused: The Gap Between Law and Justice Sonja Spears
EXP-0004-F Global Health: A Practitioner's Approach to Real-World Problems Jennifer Goldsmith | Anatole Manzi
EXP-0005-F Universal Design: Accessibility, Inclusivity, and Equality Alexandra Benbadis | Matthew Marber
EXP-0006-F The Business of Sports: A Study of the NBA Jan Volk | Ravi Kotecha
EXP-0007-F Human Wrongs and Human Rights: The Case of Torture Stephen Soldz
EXP-0008-F From Board Games to Mind Games: What Does it Mean to Play? Alyssa Bellows
EXP-0009-F Pharmacology and Therapeutics Frank Massaro
EXP-0010-F Seeking Refuge: Central American Asylum Seekers in the U.S. Maggie Morgan
EXP-0011-F Law and Technology: Intellectual Property for Innovators Melissa Johannes
EXP-0012-F Argentine Tango: Culture, Music, and the Dance Thomas Wisniewski
EXP-0013-F Hit Refresh: Critical Perspectives on Power, Data, and Technology Andrew Seeder
EXP-0014-F Behind the Reporter' Notebook: The Practice of Global Journalism in the 21st Century Jonathan Rosen
EXP-0021-F From Bees to Beetles: Insect Pollinators and Real World Science Rachael Bonoan
EXP-0022-F The View From Putin’s Window: Understanding Russia’s National Security Strategy Polina Beliakova
EXP-0023-F Let’s Talk About Sex: Consent in Literature, Culture, and Education Alexandra Carter
EXP-0024-F Scientific Illustration Michael Fath
EXP-0025-F SEALs, Snake Eaters, and Air Commandos: The Secret History of U.S. Special Operations Forces Frank Sobchak
EXP-0026-F The Technology of Space Exploration: From Voyager to Mars 2020 Margaret Stevens
Sponsored Courses - The ExCollege collaborates with other Tufts programs to offer courses and independent learning opportunities
EXP-0068-AF Design Thinking for Career Exploration: Creative Strategies for First-Years Donna Esposito
EXP-0068-BF Design Thinking for Career Exploration: Creative Strategies for First-Years Robin Kahan
EXP-0069-AF Personal Career Development Malakia Silcott
EXP-0069-BF Personal Career Development for Athletes Greg Victory
EXP-0070-AF Basic RAD TUPD Staff
EXP-0070-BF Basic RAD TUPD Staff
EXP-0077-F Microfinance and Financial Inclusion Adam Grenier
EXP-0079-AF Inquiry Simulation: Genocide Heather Barry
EXP-0079-F EPIIC: Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities Abi Williams
EXP-0080-F Writing Fellowship Seminar Kristina Aikens
EXP-0081-F Subject Tutoring Seminar Katherine Swimm
EXP-0081-NC Subject Tutoring Seminar Katherine Swimm
EXP-0083-XF Civic Identity, Reflection, & Action: Tisch Scholars Foundation Seminar Sara Allred | Grace Talusan
EXP-0084-F Tisch Scholars Fieldword Practicum Sara Allred
EXP-0087-F Visions of Peace in Israel/Palestine Rachel Eilbaum
EXP-0100-AF Leading a First-Year Seminar Amy Goldstein
EXP-0100-BF Leading a First-Year Seminar Howard Woolf
EXP-0102-AF Teaching Practicum Amy Goldstein
EXP-0102-BF Teaching Practicum Howard Woolf
EXP-0104-F Teaching Assistantship Howard Woolf
EXP-0105-AF Independent Study Howard Woolf
EXP-0105-BF Independent Study Howard Woolf
EXP-0106-F Auditing for Breadth Howard Woolf