Spring 2019 Courses

Information on distribution credit for Arts & Sciences undergrads: Some ExCollege courses have already been submitted to the Academic Review Board (ARB) for possible credit toward distribution requirements. Check with the ExCollege first before petitioning the ARB for credit. You may petition to have a course count for everyone in the class, or just for yourself as a one-time approval. Only one ExCollege course may be used toward the foundation or distribution requirements. After checking with the ExCollege, please follow these instructions.

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(Updated: 10/22/2018)

ExCollege Signature Courses: Taught by Visiting Lecturers

EXP-0001-S Resistance and Revolution: The Historical Movements That Led to #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #NoDAPL

EXP-0002-S The Contemporary Caribbean: Politics, Economics, and Global Impact

EXP-0003-S The Universe: Illuminated by Women

EXP-0004-S Fighting Discrimination: Defending Legal Rights in the 21st Century

EXP-0005-S The New Automation: Artificial Intelligence and the Changing Workplace

EXP-0006-S The Cannabis Debate: The Intersection of Science, Culture, and the Law

EXP-0007-S Whose Diversity? Unpacking Issues of Inclusion and Transformational Justice

EXP-0008-S Stories of Mental Illness: Psychiatry, Medicine, and Literature

EXP-0009-S Great Trials That Changed History: A Judge's Perspective

EXP-0010-S Queerness and Jewish Identity

EXP-0011-S Political Songwriting

EXP-0012-S The City in Your Future: Growth, Opportunity, and the Impact on Your Life

EXP-0013-S Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

EXP-0014-S War, Film, and Politics

EXP-0015-S Aging in the 21st Century: Opportunities Facing Your Generation

Peer Taught Courses: Tufts Undergraduates Teach Full-Credit, Pass/Fail Courses

EXP-0051-S What Is (Modern) Love?

EXP-0052-S The History and Art of Soapmaking

EXP-0053-S Black Diaspora Literacy: From Negritude to Drake

EXP-0054-S Written in Bone: What Fossils Reveal About Our Bodies

EXP-0055-S Introduction to Technical Rescue

EXP-0056-S Miss America: The MISSing Perspectives of Women of Color in 20th C. American History

EXP-0057-S Is it Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Social Discourse Through TV Comedy

EXP-0058-S What is Biomechatronics?

EXP-0059-S Crazy Rich Asians? An Introductory Spotlight on Singapore

EXP-0060-S Designing for Generation Z & Beyond: A UX Approach

EXP-0061-S Gender and Sexual Minority Health

Sponsored Courses: The ExCollege collaborates with other Tufts programs to offer courses and independent learning opportunities

EXP-0068 Designing Your Tufts: Get Career Ready Through Design Thinking

EXP-0070-XAS Basic RAD

EXP-0070-XBS Basic RAD

EXP-0071-XS Advanced RAD

EXP-0078-XS 21st Century Negotiation Skills for Global Leadership

EXP-0079-XAS EPIIC Inquiry Teaching Group

EXP-0079-XS EPIIC: Migration in a Turbulent World

EXP-0081-XS Subject Tutoring Seminar

EXP-0083-XS Civic Identity, Reflection, & Action: Tisch Scholars Foundation Seminar

EXP-0084-XS Tisch Scholars Fieldwork Practicum

EXP-0085-XS Tisch Scholars Senior Capstone

EXP-0087-XS Visions of Peace in Israel/Palestine

EXP-0101-ZS Peer-Teaching

EXP-0103-ZS Theory and Practice of Participatory Education

EXP-0105-ZFS Independent Study

EXP-0105-ZHS Independent Study

EXP-0106-ZS Auditing for Breadth

EXP-0107-XS Tufts With Rwanda Fellowship