Spring 2017 Courses

Information on distribution credit for Arts & Sciences undergrads: Some ExCollege courses have already been submitted to the Academic Review Board (ARB) for possible credit toward distribution requirements. Check with the ExCollege first before petitioning the ARB for credit. You may petition to have a course count for everyone in the class, or just for yourself as a one-time approval. Only one ExCollege course may be used toward the foundation or distribution requirements. After checking with the ExCollege, please follow these instructions.

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(Updated: 01/20/2017)

ExCollege Signature Courses:
Taught By Visiting Lecturers and Teaching Fellows

EXP-0002-VS Losing It: Tales From Girlhood

EXP-0005-GS Horror, Abjection, and You

EXP-0006-VS StorySlam! The Structure and Performance of Live Storytelling

EXP-0014-VS Kanye West & The Poetics of Excess

EXP-0015-VS Fashion: From Frivolous to Fundamental

EXP-0017-VS Art According to the Five Senses

EXP-0018-VS Guerilla and Performance Art & Politics

EXP-0025-VS The Jumbo Imperative: On Elephants and Elephant Conservation

EXP-0026-VS Doctors and Data: Inside Healthcare Data Analytics

EXP-0027-VS Human-Animal Studies

EXP-0040-GS Race in Human Development

EXP-0043-VS Women's Lives in Flight: Stories of Diaspora, Citizenship, and Belonging

EXP-0054-VS Star Wars: How Long Ago? How Far Away?

EXP-0057-VS War Stories: 'Grunt Lit,' Hollywood, and the Making of the U.S. Military

EXP-0060-VS Education Across Borders: Global Migration and Changing Schools

EXP-0061-GS Latin America: Development and Policy-Making

EXP-0074-VS Famous Trials in U.S. History

EXP-0082-VS Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startups

EXP-0087-XS Microfinance

EXP-0150-VS The Future of Magazines

Peer-Taught Courses:
Tufts undergraduates teach full-credit, pass-fail courses

EXP-0007-PS Queering Childhood

EXP-0012-PS Exploring Broadway's Hamilton

EXP-0022-PS Starting a Tech Company

EXP-0028-PS Baseball Analytics

EXP-0029-PS Outdoor Leadership and Education

EXP-0041-PS Sport and Social Justice

EXP-0042-PS Stories of Place: Science, Social Justice, and the Land

Sponsored Courses:
The ExCollege collaborates with other Tufts programs to offer courses and independent learning opportunities

EXP-0032-XS Personal Career Development

EXP-0051-XS Advanced Documentary Practice

EXP-0053-XS Documentary: History, Theory, and New Directions

EXP-0056-XS History of American Broadcasting

EXP-0058-XS Social Marketing

EXP-0090-S Teaching a Seminar. Woolf

EXP-0096-S Auditing for Breadth. Woolf

EXP-0091-XS EPIIC - Order and Chaos

EXP-0192-PS Independent Study. Woolf

EXP-0192-S Independent Study. Woolf

EXP-0194-FS CMS Senior Project. Dobrow

EXP-0194-HS CMS Senior Project.