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  • illustration of mink skull

    How can we blend two radically different fields to communicate complex ideas? Michael Fath, a Tufts Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biology and a Robyn Gittleman Teaching Fellow, teaches the connection between STEM and visual arts in his Fall 2019 ExCollege course.

  • Clothing, Sustainability, and the Global Implications of Getting Dressed

    Everyone does it – absentmindedly running your fingers over the rack of clothes from whatever store you’re walking through. But for every t-shirt you touch, do you ever consider the footprint it left behind or the labor that went into creating it?

  • First-Year Students Explore Gender Inequities in Global Politics

    With "Good As Hell" by Lizzo playing in the prelude before class, Women in Global Politics seems to have their fair share of fun conversations and activities – ranging from viewings of SNL skits to a political fashion show.

  • Students tackling how to optimize food ordering and fulfillment

    Tufts Engineering alum Melissa Johannes (E’00) is making the principles and mechanics of intellectual property concrete, relevant, and exciting in her Fall 2019 ExCollege course. Already, students have identified needs on campus and brainstormed solutions to make them a reality. Learn all about this fun, hands-on approach to IP!

  • Peer Teaching

    Have you ever thought about teaching your own course? Do you want to have a positive impact on the experience of first-year students? Upper-level undergraduates can teach a class at Tufts!

  • Apply to be a Visiting Lecturer

    The ExCollege provides teaching opportunities for Boston-area professionals and graduate students who have expertise in their field and a passion for teaching. Applications for the Fall 2020 semester are due January 10, 2020.

  • instructor pointing to chalkboard in classroom, with students

    Voices From the Edge: The ExCollege presents an interactive panel of experts to examine the brave new world of cannabis.

    Read the Tufts Now article on our March event.

  • Peer Teaching

    At the ExCollege, students can design and teach courses, serve on our governing board, evaluate course proposals, interview prospective visiting lecturers, select courses to be offered, and more. Learn how to get involved!

  • Legend of Korra

    Who ever said cartoons couldn’t be educational? In the first-year Explorations seminar, Bending the Norm: Sociopolitical Commentary in The Legend of Korra, seniors Melinda Rossi and Will Hodge delve into questions of power and identity.