Instructor, using overhead projector, in front of class.

Wandering Videogames: Play, Performance, Protest

The term “wandering” is defined as traveling aimlessly from place to place. But what does it mean to wander in a game? How does exploration in videogames reflect the real world and to lived experiences?
Justin Jiminez

More Than a Feeling? Critical Approaches to Emotion

Rage, fear, elation, trepidation: these are just some of the emotions brought out by political discussion in today's divisive climate. On the other hand, many young people feel desensitized to political drama and hopeless about the prospect of change.
Student taking notes beside a crime-scene death outline on the ground.

Gender, Justice, and True Crime

With a wave of true crime podcasts and television programs surging in popularity recently, people seem more fascinated than ever in understanding the genre's connection to the real world.