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Experimental College

Distribution and HASS Credit

About Distribution Credit

Information on distribution credit for Arts and Sciences undergraduates: Some ExCollege courses have already been submitted to the Academic Review Board (ARB) for possible credit toward distribution requirements.  Check with the ExCollege first before petitioning the ARB for credit.  Keep in mind these policies:

  • Only one ExCollege course may be used toward the foundation or distribution requirements.
  • Only letter-graded courses may be considered for these requirements.
  • Not every ExCollege course meets the criteria for a distribution area.
  • Students need 120 SHUs to graduate, which involves taking electives in addition to foundation, distribution and major requirements.  

If the ExCollege and the instructor supports the credit, you may petition to have a course count for everyone in the class, or just for yourself as a one-time approval.  Please follow the instructions regarding the petition process.

About School of Engineering HASS Credit

Information on HASS credit for Engineering undergraduates: For the Fall 2020 semester, the SoE faculty has approved three ExCollege courses for HASS credit:

  • EXP-0011-F Innovation: From Idea to Intellectual Property - approved for HASS/HASS-Social Sciences
  • EXP-0013-F Science Fiction, Weird Fiction, Ecofiction: A Speculative Short Story Workshop - approved for HASS/HASS-Humanities
  • EXP-0025-F Color Play: Materials and Color Theory - approved for HASS/HASS-Arts

Aside from these courses, the current policy is that School of Engineering undergraduates may count an Experimental College course as a HASS elective if it has been approved for LA humanities, arts or social sciences distribution credit. More information >