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Summer at Tufts

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First Summer Session Online: May 20 - June 26, 2020

Course Course Title Instructor
EXP-0006 Medicinal Plants: From the Sacred to the Scientific
Cross-listed with Environmental Studies as ENV-196-A
Ernest Anemone 

How can we discern medicinal plant facts from fiction while also honoring the human foundations of drug discovery? This survey course is built on four essential pillars: anthropology, botany, chemistry, and pharmacology. Non- experts will discover connections between the anthropological foundations and scientific principles underlying plant-derived drugs by looking at representative individual species. Through guest speakers and student-led presentations, plant walks, and simple experiments, students will be introduced to the broad fields of ethnobotany, phytochemistry, and plant biotechnology. 

This course has been approved by the Academic Review Board to count toward Natural Sciences distribution credit 

This course is cross-listed with Environmental Studies as ENV-196-A. 


Ernest Anemone is an attorney, educator, and ethnobotanist who lectures, presents, and consults around the world. He specializes in the law, history, and community relations issues surrounding the use of plants by society and has helped develop multiple courses and instructional platforms about medicinal plants.

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