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What is the Experimental College? Who teaches here? And why?

The ExCollege is a department at Tufts University that offers innovative undergraduate elective courses. We hire Visiting Lecturers with a range of perspectives and professional experience to teach interdisciplinary and interactive courses, exposing students to topics or ideas that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to study at Tufts. Applicants of any background are encouraged to apply to teach a course of their own design.

Our instructors have expertise in their field or discipline and a passion for sharing it with highly motivated undergraduates in a small-group setting that emphasizes active learning. Previous Visiting Lecturers have been attorneys, architects, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, neuroscientists, filmmakers, journalists, and environmentalists. Please see our Courses page for examples of the range ExCollege offerings.

Deadlines: Applications to teach in the Fall semester are due in early January. Applications to teach in the Spring semester are due in mid-August. Apply to be a Visiting Lecturer in Fall 2019.

Opportunities for Graduate students:
Graduate students in doctoral or professional master’s degree programs are welcome to apply to teach as Visiting Lecturers in either the Spring or Fall semester. In the Fall semester only, the Experimental College offers the Robyn Gittleman Graduate Teaching Fellowship as a special opportunity exclusively for Tufts advanced PhD or MFA students. Please see below for details.

Robyn Gittleman Graduate Teaching Fellowship

Tufts PhD and MFA students have a special opportunity to apply for a Robyn Gittleman Graduate Teaching Fellowship. Named for our former director of forty years, the Gittleman Teaching Fellowship encourages advanced Tufts graduate students to gain teaching experience through the Experimental College. Read about past courses and Gittleman Teaching Fellows. Applications are due in early January for the Fall semester. Apply now >

FAQs on ExCollege courses and application requirements

What are ExCollege courses like?

How do I apply and what's required?

What is the best way to put together a syllabus?

Watch this short video about applying to teach as a Visiting Lecturer

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