Teaching Opportunities

Professionals or Graduate Students in the Boston Area

What is the Experimental College? Who teaches here? And why?

The ExCollege is a department at Tufts University which offers innovative undergraduate courses. We hire Visiting Lecturers with a range of perspectives and professional experience to teach interdisciplinary and interactive courses, exposing students to topics or ideas which they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to study at Tufts. Applicants of any background are encouraged to apply to teach a course of their own design.

Our instructors have expertise in their field or discipline and a passion for sharing it with students. Previous Visiting Lecturers have been attorneys, architects, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, neuroscientists, filmmakers, journalists, and environmentalists. Please see our Courses page for examples of the range ExCollege offerings.

In short, we present a singular opportunity for people who want to work with highly motivated undergraduates in a small-group setting that emphasizes active learning.

Deadline: Our next application cycle will be for the Spring 2018 semester. Application instructions will be posted here in June 2017 and complete applications will be due in mid-August 2017 for the Spring 2018 semester. Check back for the exact due date.

Opportunity for Tufts PhD students:
The Experimental College offers a special opportunity exclusively for Tufts advanced PhD students to apply for a Robyn Gittleman Graduate Teaching Fellowship. Named for our long-time director, the Gittleman Teaching Fellowship is a pilot project funded initially by a Tufts Innovates grant. Selected Fellows teach a course of their own design, and take part in a Teaching Roundtable led by ExCollege Director Howard Woolf.

Robyn Gittleman Graduate Teaching Fellowship

Tufts PhD students have a special opportunity to apply for a Robyn Gittleman Graduate Teaching Fellowship. Named for our former director of forty years, the Gittleman Teaching Fellowship encourages advanced PhD students to gain teaching experience through the Experimental College. The Fellowship is initially funded by a Tufts Innovates grant.

Gittleman Fellows are given a chance to design and teach a course that draws on their expertise and passion. The courses are typically small, interdisciplinary, and interactive, exposing students to topics which they wouldn’t otherwise study at Tufts. Fellows also take part in a Teaching Roundtable, led by ExCollege Director Howard Woolf.

Examples of courses that have been designed and taught by Robyn Gittleman Fellows include:

American Witches; Decoding Science; Creation, Fabrication, and Problem Solving; The History of Mental Illness on Stage and Screen; Race in Human Development.

FAQs on ExCollege courses and application requirements

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