Teaching Opportunities

Tufts Undergraduates:

Teach a First-Year Seminar in Explorations

Have you ever thought about teaching your own course?
Do you want to have a positive impact on the experience of first-year students?

The ExCollege is seeking applications from teams of two upper-level undergraduates to design and teach next fall in its signature program, Explorations. Under the university’s new credit system, which begins next academic year, selected students will receive four Semester Hours (SHUs – formerly 1.5 credits) for co-teaching a weekly seminar, advising a group of first-year students, and taking a teaching methods practicum.

PLEASE NOTE: In the past, we designated two distinct types of first-year advising seminars: Explorations and Perspectives. The distinction was that Perspectives groups all dealt with media-related topics, while any topic could be the basis for an Explorations groups. This year, we are using the program name Explorations to designate all the first-year advising groups, regardless of topic. You do not need to tailor your application to one of the two programs, as leaders have done in the past.

About the program
The Explorations program was initiated to meet the overwhelming demand from entering students for advising through an ongoing, small-group experience. Explorations has successfully met this need since 1972. Any topic can be the basis for an Explorations seminar. All ExCollege first-year seminars offer new students at Tufts a special kind of participatory learning, a team approach to advising, and a sense of support and community within the context of the academic seminars.

Eligibility for teaching a First-Year Seminar

Applications due Wednesday,
March 14, 2018 for the Fall 2018

Contact the ExCollege

if you have any questions.
  • Student leaders must be a junior or senior next fall and have a strong academic record, as indicated by a G.P.A. above 3.20 (exceptions will be considered only under very special circumstances).
  • Applicants must find a partner to teach with and submit the application collaboratively.
  • All leaders must be available for training and orientation responsibilities beginning Sunday evening, August 26, 2018 and continuing through Saturday, September 1, 2018.

Examples of recent Explorations seminars include:

  • Reflections on Your Schooling
  • Art and Conflict of the World Wars
  • The Office: Professional Development from Dunder Mifflin to Tufts University
  • Immigrant Food and the Integration Process
  • Sport and Social Justice
  • The Economics and Politics of Bad Habits in America
  • Exploring Science Fiction and Fantasy in Literature
  • Human Rights in the Digital Age
  • Surrounded by Social Media

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