Visiting Lecturer Opportunities: Who Are They?

Who Teaches in the Experimental College?

Anyone who feels that he or she has some special expertise to offer Tufts undergraduates and has the ability to share that expertise effectively may apply. Our instructors are hospital administrators, practicing artists, attorneys, architects, computer specialists, business executives, filmmakers, reporters, policy analysts, museum curators, writers, advanced graduate students, and Ph.D.s from a variety of disciplines. People who would like to work with highly motivated undergraduates in a small-group setting that emphasizes active learning will find the Ex College a unique opportunity.

Share Your World ... Teach at Tufts!

The Experimental College seeks visiting lecturers each semester to teach small, participation- and discussion-based courses that engage Tufts undergraduates in an exploration of ideas shaping the world today. Courses that offer critical contexts for thinking about politics, popular culture, world religions, technology, law, communications, social issues, business, healthcare, and ethics have all been well received. Classes meet in the evening and run for thirteen weeks. To see courses that have been offered in the past several years, go to Previous Courses.

For an application, go to How to Apply.

Goldner course on the contemporary Jewish experience
The Experimental College, in conjunction with the Judaic Studies program, is looking for course proposals that explore aspects of contemporary Jewish life, culture, or current affairs and, in doing so, expand the borders of Judaic Studies. As with regular Visiting Lecturer courses offered by the Experimental College, this class will be taught by an adjunct instructor over a thirteen-week semester. By design, this class should be small, discussion-based, and focused on promoting active learning. It will be a full-credit, letter-graded elective counting toward graduation and toward the Judaic Studies major here at Tufts. The stipend for this course, supported by the Goldner Family Fund, will be $5000. To apply, please use the same Visiting Lecturer Application available here, but please check the box on the cover page to indicate that the course is to be considered for the Goldner Family Fund course on the Jewish experience.

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