First-Year Advising

First-Year Advising

First-Year Advising: Explorations and Perspectives

Class of 2021 - Welcome to the Herd!

Select the ExCollege's signature advising program, Explorations and Perspectives, as your Advising Plus option.

When you join the class of 2021, you'll have choices about an advisor. Tufts has several "Advising Plus" options – meaning you'll have an advisor plus you'll take a semester-long course for full credit.

The ExCollege welcomes new Jumbos to the herd with the only advising option led by Tufts students, in addition to an academic advisor. Meet weekly with your advising group and get the inside scoop on all things Tufts.

What's Explorations and Perspectives, and why is it different?

Explorations and Perspectives on Biteable.

The ExCollege's unique take on the first-year seminar:

  • Designed and taught by a pair of upper-level students (juniors or seniors) – they've been in your shoes and have the inside scoop on classes, clubs, strategies, and all that Tufts has to offer!
  • Don't know anyone at Tufts? All the students in your small group (10-14 max) are brand new to Tufts, and your peer leaders plan activities so you'll get to know each other fast.
  • Earn one full credit with pass/fail grading. You'll only need 3 or 4 more to fill out your schedule – you can enroll in ExCollege courses for those, too. Check out our Courses list.
  • An academic advisor (Tufts faculty or professional staff) will be matched to the group, so you'll have yet another person to talk with about courses and opportunities on campus.

Explorations and Perspectives cover some unusual topics

Choose a seminar that interests you or try something completely different. Here's a sample:

  • Stand-Up Comedy: It's More Than Just Laughs
  • Exercise for Nerds
  • Reporting Live from the Courthouse
  • The Bachelor & Society
  • Medicine Beyond Molecules: An Interdisciplinary Study of Healthcare
  • From Avatar to Star Wars: Colonialism in 21st Century Film
  • Art of the 'Like'
  • American Perceptions of Mental Health

Full descriptions of all the seminars will be sent to the Class of 2021 in June.

Questions? Feel free to contact us, or stop by the ExCollege if you're on campus.

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