Spring 2016 Courses

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(Updated: 02/29/2016)

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EXP-0001-S. American Superheroes: Power, Politics, and Morality

EXP-0002-S. Lies: From Plato to Politics

EXP-0003-S. A Life Well Lived: Developing Your Personal Strategy While Learning from the Great Thinkers

EXP-0004-S. When Men Wore Heels: A Gendered Exploration of the History of Fashion

EXP-0006-XS. Medical Spanish

EXP-0007-US. Growing Up at Hogwarts: Young Adult Literature and Adolescent Identity

EXP-0010-S/FMS-0031. Filmmaking 2

EXP-0013-US. The Art of Astonishment: Magic & Movies

EXP-0014-S. Music for Social Change

EXP-0016-S. Thinking Through Color

EXP-0018-S. Personal Career Development

EXP-0020-S. The Lives of Scientists: Biology and the Art of Memoir

EXP-0021-US. Understanding Code, Software, and Computation

EXP-0022-US. Applied Entrepreneurship

EXP-0028-US. Baseball Analytics

EXP-0029-US. Ropes, Rocks, and Avalanches: An Introduction to Technical Rescue

EXP-0030-XS. Writing Fellows Scholarship and Practicum

EXP-0033-S. Community Emergency Response Training

EXP-0035-AS. Basic RAD

EXP-0035-BS. Basic RAD

EXP-0036-S. Advanced RAD

EXP-0037-S. Dope Fiends, Addicts and Junkies: Marginalized Identities and Lived Experiences

EXP-0040-S. Storytelling and Social Justice

EXP-0041-S. Aisles of Uncertainty: Re-Imagining Supermarkets for a Sustainable Future

EXP-0042-S. Right to Privacy in Modern America

EXP-0043-S. Leadership, Justice, Service, and Change

EXP-0044-S. Fatness: Body Politics in Modern America

EXP-0047-XS. The Business of Documentary Filmmaking

EXP-0048-S. The Crisis Game: Public Safety, National Security and Accuracy in Journalism

EXP-0049-US. From Sampling to Blurred Lines: Conflicts of Ownership in the Era of Recorded Music

EXP-0051-CS. Advanced Narrative and Documentary Practice

EXP-0052-US. Dark Topics in American TV Comedy

EXP-0053-US. Horror Film: Why We Make and Consume It

EXP-0055-S. Film Criticism: Art and Practice

EXP-0056-CS. From 'Why Not' to Wi-Fi: A History of American Broadcasting

EXP-0057-S. Radio Journalism and Audio Storytelling

EXP-0058-CS. Social Marketing

EXP-0059-US. To Millennials and Beyond: The Future of Advertising

EXP-0062-S. Natural Resource Conflicts: The Struggle for Earth's Diminishing Wealth

EXP-0064-S. Research Ethics and Methodology

EXP-0066-S. Women in the Islamic Middle East

EXP-0068-S. Sufism in Islam: Mysticism, Ritual and Society

EXP-0072-S. Conflict! New Ways of Thinking About Life's Challenges

EXP-0074-S. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System

EXP-0076-S. Crime and Punishment: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice

EXP-0082-S. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Startups

EXP-0084-S. Leadership in Philanthropy

EXP-0086-US. How to Sell Drugs: The Economics of Big Pharma

EXP-0087-S. Microfinance

EXP-0091-AS. Inquiry: The Future of Europe

EXP-0091-S. EPIIC: The Future of Europe

EXP-0096-S Auditing for Breadth

EXP-0101-CS: Advanced Filmmaking

EXP-0102-CS: Advanced Digital Media

EXP-0110-S: Communicating Change: The Tufts 1+4 Bridge Year Experience

EXP-0150-S. The Future of Magazines

EXP-0192-S Independent Study

EXP-0192-PS: Independent Study

EXP-0194-FS. CMS Senior Project

EXP-0194-HS. CMS Senior Project