About Us: The Board

Comprised of five faculty from across Arts & Sciences and Engineering, five students, and four staff, the Experimental College Board selects new courses each semester, plans campus events, and develops new initiatives.

2015-2016 ExCollege Board

Mary Davis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. An economist by training, her areas of specialization include environmental health economics, worker and children's health, and statistics.

Virginia Drachman is Arthur and Lenore Stern Professor of American History at Tufts University. Her teaching interests focus on nineteenth and twentieth century American history, specifically the history of women, medicine and society, and the rise of modern American culture. Her current research project focuses on girlhood in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Stephen Fuchs is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, where he teaches courses on biochemistry and molecular and cell biology. His research is focused on understanding how protein structure relates to protein function.

Ariel Goldberg is Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Psycholinguistics & Linguistics Lab at Tufts University. His research interests focus on the mechanisms and representations involved in language production and how they relate to linguistic patterns found in the world's languages.

Sarah Killian, Class of 2016, is majoring in Peace and Justice Studies. In addition to serving on the ExCollege board, she is involved with Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk, Students for a Just and Stable Future, Tufts Sustainability Collective, Tufts Tutors, and is a resident of Crafts House and section manager for the Crafts Center.

Stephanie Li, Class of 2016, is majoring in History with a minor in Studio Art. In addition to serving on the ExCollege board, she works with the Tufts Podcast Network and Tufts Imaginet.

Scott Mongold, Class of 2018, plans to major in Biopsychology and Classical Studies. In addition to serving on the ExCollege board, his extracurriculars include the Pre-Med Society, Timmy Global Health, and Club Baseball.

Sara Newman, Class of 2018, also works as Publicity Coordinator for Vox: Students for Reproductive Justice and as a volunteer at Tufts Daycare. Her interests include art history, politics, education reform, film photography, and environmental science.

Ronna Ten Brink, Class of 2017, is majoring in Engineering Psychology and Computer Science, with a minor in Music Engineering. In addition to serving on the ExCollege board, she is a producer and contributor to the Tufts Podcast Network, a member of the Queer Women's Group, Applejam Productions, and Tufts Crafts Center, and an Audio Engineer with the Tufts Music Department.

Qiaobing Xu is Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Tufts University Schools of Medicine. His research interests lie at the intersection of material science engineering, specifically nanoscience, and biomedical application. His work looks at developing new synthetic materials for the delivery of therapeutic biomacromolecules.

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